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Fun Retro Cartoons

Duck Tales

The story of Scrooge McDuck, The Richest Duck in the World, with the biggest safe that you can dive into a pool of money. I remember obssessively watching this show as a kid, I loved it, I loved the theme song, it just made me feel good. He was a nut ball and his nephews were normal, so many great adventures, it was the good old days of Disney cartoons.


This was something for the older kids, I remember from 94 and it ended around 97, a fantastic cartoon, deep and dark. I loved Goliath, the most honorable Gargoyle and most probably the strongest. I watched this show nonstop every time I got back from school, I just couldn’t get enough of it. Gargoyles was a great show and I got pulled into it whenever I was watching, never could get enough of it.


Now this is one of the fun bunch, I loved Baloo, always getting into trouble and some how getting out it. The idea of going from Island to Island with Merchandise and work as if its the 1950s with Monkeys as bartenders was funny. Some of the characters were based on Jungle book and that is what got me watching it, I just remember that it was from the early 1990s, and you know you sing the theme song every time, “TALESPIN” lol.

DarkWing Duck

DW! One of the great cool ones from the mid90s, I used to love Dark Wing Duck, a normal guy who wants to be a crime fighter but with a dumb side kick, Launchpad McQuack, who always trys to help, I even remember that they got McQuack from TaleSpin. It was one of the first shows I remember with an RnB tone intro, I just remembered that he had a cool bike and he would always come out from Purple smoke! Lots of fun!