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Review: Needless

Plot Summary: In the near future, mankind has suffered from a Third World War, leaving extreme damage all over and forced mankind to become even more distinct from their species. The world was at chaos and from this chaos comes a new species: “Needless”. The Needless are humans who have contracted a “disease” as humans may call them, and allow them to wield extraordinary powers far superior to any mankind. Their abilities include Telekinesis, elemental powers, gravity control, adaptation, radioactive release and all manners of scientific impossibility.

After a catastrophic event in Tokyo there became a no mans land in the middle of Tokyo, and the people who were in the middle of that zone were on their own. People started developing different powers, from telekinesis, to super speed, to super strength. Adam Blade is that funny crazy character who doesn’t stop fighting for what he thinks is right and he is also powerful and an idiot. Its a funny show but lacking a good story, it starts off pretty good but you never really get pulled in, the characters just don’t develop that you know them, you enjoy it you laugh but the ending and the whole thing just doesn’t feel satisfying once your done.

Link: AnimeNewsNetwork

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