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Everyone likes burgers and a lot of people like meats, but not everyone knows where to get good meat. I’m very particular about meat, especially steaks and burgers, the selection in Kuwait is not that good, we have decent meat but not great. Not until I found Prime Cuts, they have premium quality meats of all kinds. A friend recommended them to me so I called them up. Its a Kuwaiti run concept for a high end delicatessen which has been running and building itself up for over three years, they are suppliers of some restaurants and hotels in Kuwait, one of them being Meat Co.

For the first time I speak to people who are knowledgeable about meat, not just the usual butcher but an chef butcher, someone who knows all the kinds of meat and how they should be cooked and used for what dish. I told them I want to make the best brugers, they recommend to me Australian Wagyu Beef, 80% lean, they have the regular Australian Beef but the Wagyu will result in juicier burgers. They even asked what type of flame I will be working with, if its gas grill or wood or coal, they had a recommendation for each one. So I ordered 200 grams patties of Australian Wagyu Beef which is a bit more on the expensive side. They had all kinds of meat, T-Bone and Ribeye being my favorite types of steak, and the burger of course. They usually make 140 gram burgers which are very tasty, but like them thicker so I ask for 200 grams, they mix it with their own set of spices so the patty is just ready for the grill and give you instructions for storage as well. Now they have shipment of high quality American beef coming in soon, that I want to pick up from them as well when its in.

I will be putting another post about the results of the burgers, but lets say that 8 guys finished over 24 burgers in less then 30 minutes. I couldn’t step away from the grill, they were more like hungry hyenas then normal humans. I can’t blame them really, I’m supposed to be on a diet and cutting back but I had two really juicy burgers but thats for another post. I highly recommend that you call them for high quality and premium meat of all kinds.

Link: Prime-Cuts

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  1. Nice! Khoosh! I wanna try their burgers, they look JUICY!

  2. joezaif

    You are right this is a very good place to get raw meat for any kind of BBQ (burgers & steaks), however I have tried many of the available kinds of meat in Kuwait, whether by cut or country of origin, and have found that for steaks (sirloin, tenderloin, porterhouse, etc…) going for US prime cuts, which as far as I know are only available in two places in Kuwait that are sultan center and Dean & Deluca, arethe best choices you can go for albeit a bit on the expensive side, since the quality of the beef (fat marbling) of the US meat is of a much higher grade. However, if the case is Burgers, where you more or less can calculate the leanness of the meat, it would not be of a huge difference when grilling US, New Zealand, or Australian Beef.

    When I called prime cuts and asked if they do have US meat they said not yet but they intend to start importing and obviously sell, let’s hope they get the US meat before the winter/spring (BBQ) season in Kuwait.

    Sorry about the long comment hope that I didnt bore anyone, at the same time best of luck to prime cuts and continue the good work.

  3. h

    price of the burgers?

  4. X

    Could you give us their contact number and website?

  5. We would like to wish you all a Eid Mubarak!
    Our working hours will remain the same during the holidays, Monday – Saturday 9AM – 9PM.

    We have just replenished our stock with all the your favorite cuts including US tenderloin, Milk Fed Veal, Wagyu Rib Eye and Ribs.
    Please call us now @ 25754758 and get your steaks delivered to your door step. You can also visit our store and check out all the dry products offered such as, truffle sauces, english mustards, aged balsamic vinegars, Pastas, Jams, aromatized Oils and much more…

    Looking forward to serving you your favorite cut :)

  6. Larissa

    Love the shop…. The best steak in the contry…….

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