BBQ in Bnaider

When going to the shalaih I looking forward to eating some juicy burgers as well as jumping into the water. With the Prime Cuts burgers I really had something to look forward to trying, but now I had to deal with the grill. I had the guys on bread patrol, cutting up the buns getting the ready, and the cheddar cheese was ready.

Now the grill is an interesting story, its big and can handle a lot of burgers, and I love coal bbqing except that you can’t control the flame, which makes professional gas grillers that much better. Now in this case this is a 15 KD griller made from a used barrel, and cut to fit a grill and welded together, and it works perfectly. Now the funny part is that it belongs to one of the guys from 4thringroad, and somehow ended up with us, but I’m using it and enjoying it so I’m not complaining.

Got the burgers on the grill and for the first time about 7 of guys were waiting behind for the food, I had to swat them away like flies. Usually I’m the only one stuck outside cooking in the cold, but this time around they were all just standing behind and annoying me because they were all so hungry. I kept flipping the burgers every few minutes since I couldn’t control the heat and I didn’t want the exterior burnt and the interior being under cooked. The first batch of burgers that were done, disappeared within seconds, they flew through them and some guys wanted more, these are thick burgers.

After about 18 of the burgers there were only a few left and so I cooked it on my time, making sure they are perfect. I would place each bun on the grill for about a minute to get it nice and crispy. The cheese melted perfected with the heat being nice and warm at this point, I took my first bite and loved it. It was really a juicy burger and very tasty, Prime Cuts now has a dedicated customer and these guys do catering too, so if you want someone to come cook your burgers for you, then they come out.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Shoomi

    That burger was so good it realllly hit the spot !!! Was M next to the grill waiting for a burger or looking for a ciggy ?? lol !

  2. Zahed

    i still remember the taste

  3. Explorer

    Looks appetizing, but some of those buns seem burned :P

  4. WOW! Looks good! I wish I can grab’em from the screen! And I love the BBQ Grill… where did they get it from or made? Very very nice… me like!!!

  5. AyKay

    zahed, I bet you remember a lot of tastes :)

  6. evil post! trying my best to diet, skipping here & there, now hungry @ work and i see this :/

    3leikom bel3afiyaaaaaah looks amazingly tasty :> and loved the peeking guy pic LOL was not expecting to see a face there :p

  7. 3azeez

    Where did u get these hotdogs from? are u sure they’re not mixed with pork bones?!

  8. Zahed

    aykay hehehe well said :)

  9. ما قريت الموضوع بس الصور يشوقون!

  10. Looks amaaaaazing. Great photography, Marzouq.
    se7a o 3afia.

  11. We would like to wish you all a Eid Mubarak!
    Our working hours will remain the same during the holidays, Monday – Saturday 9AM – 9PM.

    We have just replenished our stock with all the your favorite cuts including US tenderloin, Milk Fed Veal, Wagyu Rib Eye and Ribs.
    Please call us now @ 25754758 and get your steaks delivered to your door step. You can also visit our store and check out all the dry products offered such as, truffle sauces, english mustards, aged balsamic vinegars, Pastas, Jams, aromatized Oils and much more…

    Looking forward to serving you your favorite cut :)

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