iPod Wall

Concepts like these are really cool, putting together an animated design acting as tiled photo display on 20 iPod Touches. This would be considered an expensive animated tiled imaged but still very cool, whats great is they took the concept and programmed it to output this into 20 iPod with one controlling iPod. It’s not very hard but still not easy to design a program such as this, but I love the idea. The wood part I would be able to do but the programming is out of my league.

Link: UnPlugged

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  1. Nice! it really baffles me how people find the time, patience and creativity to come up with such projects

  2. Needs a steel ‘mesh’ on the front to cover the white cable heads. Nice wall piece.

  3. Lovely. But syncing the images to form a complete image could be really hard, the rest might not be a real problem.

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