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NOWAK BMW M5’s V10 to 708 bhp

When the M5 came out 5 years ago it was the beast to fear on the streets, no machine to match up to it. Now even the normal cars are packed full of horse power and any car is at 500 bhp, so Nowak took to remedy the issue. The most admirable thing that BMW did for the M5 was install the beautiful V10, and now its being substituted for a twin-turbo v8. the N635S 5.8 Hans Nowack Edition is taking full advantage of the V10 and unleashing the beast within. They have taken the V10 and completely retooled the engine with specialized components to help it produce a scary 708bhp without forced induction. Now I wouldn’t mind trying out this beast, what a machine, but I bet the price is just as mind boggling.

Link: Autoblog