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HumanScale Freedom Headrest

I have picked up my chair back in 2004 and it has served me very well, but has also been used and abused. I have been looking for a comfortable office chair which can tilt the head, back, and arms without issue. After looking around it seems that there aren’t seats which are as good as what I have.

Now the Humanscale Freedom headrest has all the options I’m looking for, with the back support, moveable arms, moveable headrest. I like it to be cloth and able to move up and down, and lean back a lot so I can relax and watch shows on the computer, and lean forward and work when I need to. It start out at around $1305 and goes up with all the options, and I got mine up to $1600 with all the options. After looking at all the different possible chairs, this looks to be the best, not including all the systems they have for a personal or corporate office that I like. I will be taking a look and Humanscale when I do some remodling.

Link: HumanScale