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Doxie’s new USB-powered device simplifies the oft-tedious task of scanning photos or documents with its easy setup and an intelligible Internet integration. It’s small portable USB Scanner, works with both Macs & Windows, it works in black and white, grayscale or color and processes documents or photos at up to 600dpi. It automatically adjusts photos by cropping or straightening, you can also play with the saturation, contrast and brightness before saving it which is pretty cool, not like the old days when you had to rescan it.

One of the features that makes the Doxie so convenient, their free web application integration called the Doxie Cloud allows for uploading of photos or documents straight to sites like Tumblr, Flickr, Evernote and now to iBooks. The Cloud also provides a short URL so you can seamlessly share the photo via e-mail, chat or Twitter. Documents and photos can be saved as PDF, JPEG or PNG formats, which is great for sending the images to Google Docs. And, the best part is that you can digitize hand written notes & documents because of its built-in Optical Character Recognition capabilities. I haven’t looked at a scanner probably since 1999, since I don’t think they have really changed too much, they are bulky, and take up too much space. For once a scanner which address people’s needs at high quality and very portable, its a brilliant little device and very reasonably priced at $130.

Link: Doxie