The Little Island

Just before Ramadan we decided to spend the last weekend completely at the shalaih, having fun and relaxing watching tv and swimming. I piled up all the shows I had as well as a few movies that I wanted to see, some good, some crappy, and some just plain funny. The last few weeks have been good since we haven’t had too many dust storms making the water better and better to go swimming and enjoying all forms of water sports.

We got all our energy out on Friday, I think I have more parts hurting me now then when I did when after the gym. We were on a SportsStuff Bandwagon which really beat the hell out of us, because we tried holding on as much as we can and when you fall off its a hell of a fall. So the next day we decided to go to the little Island called Al Halah just at the tip of Mina Al Zour. We took the bought with about four jet skis following us, they kept jumping on the wave made by the boat. When we got there the water was crystal clear and a few people were already there, it was amazingly relaxing. We stayed there for a good hour and a half before heading back, the water was a bit on the warm side but we would get a nice cool under current every once in a while. It was the perfect weekend, water by day, and couch by night.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. almost every weekend i go to al-7ala ;)
    water remains relatively cool

  2. Last week the waterbwas too hot, so you can’t enjoy most of the time “chenek et’3oo9 be elmarag’

  3. Its nice wallah , very nice cuz it yet to be touch by Human and waste it :( ..

  4. Man great pic’s the water look so crystal clean. which area is it?

  5. Mohammad

    Hi Marzouq i think you wanted to say boat if i am not mistaken “We took the bought with about four jet skis following us,”…..

  6. 3azeez

    THIS IS KUWAIT?!?! >_<

  7. The Halah is a fantastic place! We used to set up mini-football matches on the island whenever it formed (back when we were kids). I just hope that people respect it and its surroundings and refrain from polluting the area.

  8. Sounds like the perfect weekend… Allah yhanneekum :)

  9. Amar

    I went with my driver last weekend to try to find this spot…spent about 2 hours trying to find it but couldnt find anything, can someone please direct me to the island?

    Is it near the Port?

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