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PSU Failure


After four solid years I thought my computer’s hard drive gave up but I was wrong. I thought that was the case intially since after restarting it would only show a black screen. I restarted a few times but no go, so I opened it up and didn’t hear any clicking from the hard drives so I assumed they were all fine. I switched out the graphics card since I had a spare one, but again no go. I didn’t have any other spare parts so I sent the computer over to Professional Computer in Hawally.

They called me telling the Ram is faulty and the Power Supply Unit is faulty as well. That explains it, if there is a problem with the PSU and it doesn’t supply enough power then nothing will show up on the screen, that happened to me before. So they switched it out, and switched out the 2x1GB sticks for 2x2GB sticks adding up to 4GB but only 3GB can work with Windows XP 32 Bit. Got my PC back and everything is working back to normal, I was worried for a little while but now I’m going to back up some of my personal files and I’m thinking about formatting it and installing Windows 7 on it. I can never get enough tinkering of machines, upgrading, installing, tweaking, and configuring.