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Joby Gorillapod Focus Tripod With Ballhead X

It really seems that Joby took off with the Gorillapod, people are loving the product and its a little bit more professional then the previous models but still funky and flexible to use. The size has increased because this is targeted to fully fledged DSLRs with their extra batteries and lenses which add up to a lot of weight. The Joby Gorillapod Focus Tripod meant for dSLR (or any camera or camcorder), and then the add-on Joby Ballhead X adjustable mount specially made for the Gorillapod Focus.

This is meant for all types of surfaces with the octopus type tentacles to stabilize the DSLR at the perfect creative angle for your shot. These Dr Octopus tentacles make it quite literally, the most flexible-bendable, go anywhere tripod ever. Alone, it can hold something stead which is up to 5kg. It has a basic universal mount on it, but if you want more adjustability akin to something on a more traditional professional tripod, then you’ll want the Ballhead X mount. Unlike the regular Ballhead, the Ballhead X can support up to 5 Kilograms as well.

I have had a Gorillapod Tripod for a few years now and I carry it with me everywhere, its not my only tripod and but its the perfect addition, and great for those odd moments where you need it for the creative shot. Its the perfect extra tripod for the photography enthusiast. These flexible tripods simply come in too handy, and once you have one to use, you’ll never want to be without it when the need arises. The Joby Gorillapod Focus retails for $99.95 and the Ballhead X mount is an additional $69.95. I already preordered mine, I especially love the Ballhead X Mount.

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