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Baked – The Cookies

I’m not one usually for deserts but a friend sent over the “Baked” cookies and said they are amazing. I wasn’t too crazy about them since I’m not the biggest cookie person and before futoor everything smells good, but I won’t lie I took a wiff of it when I opened the container and its torture during the Ramadan. In the bucket there are two kinds of cookies, chocolate chip cookies and brownie filled chocolate chip cookies.

It smelled really good but I thought I would leave judgment until after futoor and I’m a diet so I will only have one of each. Late at night after finishing with the family rounds I had a piece of each and they were heavenly, but thats not the final judgement. My almost two year old nephew came wobbling in when we saw me eating and just kept saying “Abi Abi Abi”, so I gave him a piece of the cookie, he then walked away as he was chewing on it. 20 seconds later he comes back smiling saying “Abi Abi Abi” and reaching up, so the cookies are just good, they have made me the favorite of my nephew for that night. I know I will be ordering them when I have a chance. To Order Just called Baked @ 97771791