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HTC Desire – The Android Phone

I have been using a few Android phones for a while now and overall they have made huge strides with the different iterations of the Operating Systems. I know for one that I am looking forward to seeing a sleek Android tablet since it feels more internet oriented then the Apple OS which is more Application oriented and Apple does have a lot of amazing applications. I hope they keep improving on this operating system and more amazing phones keep coming out, I for one am loving the HTC Desire.

The Good:

  • Accurate Touch Screen
  • Big and Bright Screen
  • Very good Camera and Flash
  • Excellent Battery Life (Much better then the Nexus One)
  • Charges very quickly (Nexus One used to take too long to charge)
  • Solid EDGE/HSDPA/3G connectivity and smoother switch over to Wifi when available, Data is excellently managed and integrated (Nexus One was choppy at times)
  • Solid feeling phone
  • Much better loud speaker
  • HTC already upgrade from 2.1 Eclair to 2.2 Froyo smoothly
  • HTC Sense adds a light smooth interface on top of Android which is intuitive

Zain Settings:

  • Go into Mobile Network, Click “APN”, Options “Add New”
  • Name it “PPS”
  • Username “PPS”
  • Password “PPS”

Make sure to save it and Edge/3G worked where ever there was coverage