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Abu Dhabi – Rebranded

It seems that all you hear about these days is Abu Dhabi, Dubai has reached the peak of its fame even though it is still developing. I think AbuDhabi has learned from the mistakes of Dubai and other cities, they have taken the best of all different cities and countries and applying it to themselves. You see more and more advertising for Abu Dhabi through out the world but it is being done smoothly and with class. Dubai being the loud guy in the room, and Abu Dhabi is the suave and cool guy in the corner.

They have enticed F1 to come to Abu Dhabi, and the opening Ferrari Park soon. They are even developing the airport to be another central long haul hub in the region and aggressively promoting Etihad as the elite airlines of the region. Several major projects taking place in different areas such as the Arts in the form of the Ferrari Museum, as well as talk of an Abu Dhabi Louvre. They are taking their time and picking the best of the crop of all that they want, they have been quiet for a decade and now they are coming out

From rebranding to choosing the different color pallete to go with the Abu Dhabi brand, and then the font to match the new design. Its amazing work and I like how they have incorporated it all together and complements each other.

I enjoyed the quote below especially the “lunacy” part

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). However you may be more familiar with the world’s-tallest-tower-building, 7-star-hotel-opening, artificial-islands-in-the shape-of-a-world-map-making, or palm-creating lunacy of Dubai, the more famous of the two UAE cities.

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