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I Work In A Place @ WordPress


This is one of the more different blogs I have seen, the writer’s name is Hoda. She writes all that she hears at her place of work and the statements and work timings I’m assuming that she works in a government entity. I can imagine that she seems to be one of the few sane people there based on all the quotes. Some of the quotes are hilarious and some aren’t but it is different and I hope she keeps it up.

Overheard at work: Supervisor: “Su3ad, gasray 3al aghany 3endech, asma3hom min makeby.” “Inshallah bs 3ogob ma hal eghniya etkhales.”

Overheard at work: “Lazem tekooneen bilingal. Mo bas 3arabi o engeleizi.”

Overheard at work: “Ams Sami gali ma adawem elyom 3ashan as’har ma3a 6ool el leil. Chan agoola ‘mali khulg, mo nagseen 3yal’ hahaha.”

Link: IWorkInAPlace