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Ramadan Rounds

I for one enjoy Ramadan, you get to see a lot of family and friends, but in our case we have a lot of dewaneyas to visit. The amount of work really hasn’t changed much and I usually leave work between 4:30 and 5:00 pm and I get up around 8:30 am. Somedays I get back home by 3:30 pm so I get to have a lot of time to relax, play some video games and sometimes go for a walk before futoor.

After futoor gets a bit hectic at times, some times we have futoor at home and other times we visit family for futoor. After isha prayer we meet up with our family, the men’s side, and then we visit dewaneyah to dewaneyah. Its been this schedule since the beginning of Ramadan, we may cover about 8 to 13 dewaneyahs a night. Men’s visits are light and easy, you go in, you say hello to people for Ramadan, trying to go to certain areas where all the dewanyahs are open at the same time such De’eyah, Bnaid Al Gar, Khaldiya, Shuweikh, and other locations. Its a long process and very time consuming but I always think that its once a year and you get to see some people you haven’t seen for a while. I know that this schedule isn’t for everyone but I do get some enjoyment out of it, and for the past week we have gotten a day or two off. It seems I do more work after the sun sets then before, and then I head home around 11:30 pm to watch an hour or two of tv shows and enjoy my subway sandwich before passing out.