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M5 RingTaxi – The GreenHell

As any man who has an inkling to cars and driving fast I know of the Nuremberg Ring aka The GreenHell. One of the most sought after tracks in the world, every manufacturer tests their cars on that track to beat out other manufacturers. There was even that little shuffle between Porsche and Nissan, and Porsche threw a tantrum about a Japanese manufacturer beating them on their turf. I want to drive on the Nuremberg Ring and its simple to do it but I was think that I lack the skill to drive on it since a lot of professional drivers are on their at the same time, so its a no mercy situation, but their is a small solution and that would be the BMW M5 Ring Taxi. For €195 you can take a lap in a BMW sponsored M5 for the track with a professional driver. I would want to try it out to see what I could learn from the professional driver before taking my shot at it.

Some Interesting Facts about those M5 “Taxis”

  • Tires changed every 10 Laps
  • Brake Pads Changed every 20 Laps
  • Suspension Changed every 50 Laps
  • Cars Changed Annually