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Review: Iron Man – Extremis

There is no doubting that I am a huge comic fan, but surprisingly I’m no the biggest fan of Iron Man since Tony Stark annoys me a bit, but this is different. This is not an animated tv show but rather an animated comic or to be exact motion comics, which is mix still and moving images to give this very cool comic feel, it feels like the comic is alive and the action in the Iron Man Extremis series is amazing. The story revolves around the Extremis experiment which helps explain some of the Iron Man development, you can see the trailer below for a brief short of the show and the idea of motion comics.

After watching this I downloaded other motion comics but Iron Man Extremis set the standard high with diverse set of characters, excellent animation and great sound. It has this noir feeling to it but seeing the Iron Man in action is fantastic, I’m just frustrated that the episodes were so short, I wanted a lot more. The action is great and the flow is fantastic, well worth watching and I hoping to see more Motion Comics of this caliber.


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