Case Study: The Wedding Decision for the Average Kuwaiti Male – Analysis


Case Study: The Wedding Decision for the average Kuwaiti male – ANALYSIS

Tenor: Average ~30 yrs of marriage

Marriage Expenses $50,000 (KD 14,500)
Monthly Expenditure: $5,000 (KD 1450)
Wife’s Monthly Maintenance: $2,000 (KD 575)

Revenues: (In terms of sexual acts)
First 5 years: 3x per week
Next 5 years: 1x per week
Next 10 years: 1x per 15 days
Last 10 years: 1x per month

Conclusion (in PV terms assuming a 2.5% inflation rate for 30 years): For a total of 1403 sexual relations over 30 years for an estimated expenditure totaling the present value of $1.795 million (KD 513K) (or equivalent to $1,279.72 per sexual act.) Thus, the outsourcing of the act will result in the savings of $1,220.97 (KD 350) (assuming each outsourcing act is worth $574.30). In conclusion, it is cheaper to outsource than to commit.

Math is correct 100% cause I did it. The assumptions of sexual acts may differ from spouse to spouse and husband to husband. I did it in USD because its more believable. USDKWD rate is .287

My friend took the time to study some marriage expenses and details and I found his results to be hilarious even if they might be flawed in many ways. I loved how he tried to simplify it down it mathematical reason not to get married, he probably won’t. This is totally not my opinion but I have to applaud his effort

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Lol

    This is just insane,

    Conducting this study = Priceless


  2. Female Perspective:

    Female Monthly Expenditure:
    First 3 months: 200 KD (per salary)
    Next 2 years: 500 KD (per salary)
    Next 5 years: Embezzlement by spouse.

    Survey of Female Expenditure:

    First 3 months: 50% on Beauty parlours & beauty surgeons
    Next 2 years: 60% on Marriage Consultants.
    Next 5 years: 70% on Psychologists, Cardiologists, Allergists & Immunologists.
    Next 10 years: 100% on attorney fees & divorce Post Traumatic Syndrome Disbursements.

    Bottom line, based on both sexes marital gains:

    Male: Financial gains, sexual benefits, temporary good-looking companion.

    Female: Financial deprivation, emotional trauma, sexual exploitation, infidelity, physical disfigurement due to child labor & psychological traumas.

    lol sorry, couldn’t help myself.

  3. Purgatory


  4. Definitely an insane study and it’s priceless just to read it :P

  5. 3azeez

    You still need to do a sensitivity analysis which will end up altering your results to a great extent. There are many aspects that associated with such sexual encounters that you will have to check against. These aspects are, but not limited to, the availability of the outsourced sexual partner (transport costs, accommodation, etc) and threat of STDs (medical treatment etc).

    In my opinion, the whole scope of the study is naive and does not sound like a valid question to me. Summing the whole purpose of marriage by sexual encounters is a meaningless idea and lack of intelligence. It may make sense to a 14 years old horny young guy who haven’t lost the cherry yet. However taking this as a way of life makes no sense and contradicts with the most basic human(and may I dare say animal) instinct. Nevertheless, it might make sense if the person in question was severely deformed and no way a person would want to be with him and in this case the study above is considered a consultancy work rather than a scientific study.

  6. The revenue is overstated. Analysis is faulty unless you include some minor mergers and acquisitions from-time-to-time.

  7. meh

    And thats why all kuwaiti men should marry foreigners.

    +Better looking
    +Better personality
    +Beauty lasts longer by at least 10 years.

  8. Finally someone had the guts to do it :)

    I think I should mentor a national awareness campaign and spread the word around, at least I can have a valid excuse and blame it on the stats.

  9. enigma

    hahahhaha Miss Good Egg is my new favorite blogger!

  10. first 5 years – 3 times

    3 times per week for young man is low ;p this guy must be having low-sex drive issues & should get testosterone hormone tests ;p

    guess we should just bite the bullet & believe that marriage is all about giving rather than taking :)

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