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Case Study: The Wedding Decision for the Average Kuwaiti Male – Analysis


Case Study: The Wedding Decision for the average Kuwaiti male – ANALYSIS

Tenor: Average ~30 yrs of marriage

Marriage Expenses $50,000 (KD 14,500)
Monthly Expenditure: $5,000 (KD 1450)
Wife’s Monthly Maintenance: $2,000 (KD 575)

Revenues: (In terms of sexual acts)
First 5 years: 3x per week
Next 5 years: 1x per week
Next 10 years: 1x per 15 days
Last 10 years: 1x per month

Conclusion (in PV terms assuming a 2.5% inflation rate for 30 years): For a total of 1403 sexual relations over 30 years for an estimated expenditure totaling the present value of $1.795 million (KD 513K) (or equivalent to $1,279.72 per sexual act.) Thus, the outsourcing of the act will result in the savings of $1,220.97 (KD 350) (assuming each outsourcing act is worth $574.30). In conclusion, it is cheaper to outsource than to commit.

Math is correct 100% cause I did it. The assumptions of sexual acts may differ from spouse to spouse and husband to husband. I did it in USD because its more believable. USDKWD rate is .287

My friend took the time to study some marriage expenses and details and I found his results to be hilarious even if they might be flawed in many ways. I loved how he tried to simplify it down it mathematical reason not to get married, he probably won’t. This is totally not my opinion but I have to applaud his effort