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Arab Playboys Race Their Supercars Around London

It seems that Bloomberg News finally caught up with our report last month on the cabal of mega-rich Arab playboys who made London the world’s supercar capital this summer, shipping an estimated $80 million worth of eye-popping vehicles to the city while waiting out the heat in the UAE. As we noted at the time, Bugatti Veyrons have been seen cruising in Knightsbridge and making Mayfair seem more like Le Mans, while both the Bugatti a Pagani Zonda Cinque, one of only five in the world, are often parked at the Dorchester Hotel where some of the super-rich studs are staying. Rolls-Royces, custom Mercedes-McLaren SLRs, Lamborghinis, Koenigseggs, Ferraris and more are commonplace in certain posh neighborhoods, where protest groups have been formed to combat the problem. Of course, all those powerful machines in a densely populated area sometimes leads to trouble. Check out some of the video footage assembled by Bloomberg on the subject.

I recognized the parking lot of the Dorchester and all the license plates were from the UAE and Qatar. The image that these guys are projecting of the GCC countries is just horrible, these guys will never really learn. Before these guys it was the Russians that were going crazy in London but these guys over run London in the summer.