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Sonos iPad App

Sonos is the best premiere music system that you could ever want, integrates with almost everything, Rasphsody, Sirius XM Radiio, Rhapsody, Pandora, and all other music services. That doesn’t include it’s great music integration with iTunes, all your playlists, with album meta data and album covers. Now Sonos have released their new iPad Application which is amazing on the iPad, full integration, control of every aspect of this system. I have one in my room and on in the diwaneya, I like listening to music whenever I’m working on something. The Sonos Application is fantastic on the iPad, its very smooth interface and excellent integration. Sonos is a bit slow with advancement at times but when they release a new product or software it’s always a solid and excellent product. If you don’t have the Sonos system you really don’t know what you are missing out and the iPad application is an amazing addition to this music system.

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