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Review: Machette

It’s one of those movies that are just over the top, and Machette is this unstopable man fighting for justice and basically killing the big bad guys and anyone who stands in his way. This movie surprisingly has a lot of big stars in its line up and they just fit in, and at some points its just so over the top that you can’t stop laughing. I honestly loved the action, its presented perfectly as a gritty rough movie, an amazing piece of work from Robert Rodriguez.

The list of people in this movie is just ridiculous, its probably the first time I have seen Steven Segal in a normal movie. Then there are Michelle Rodriguez and Jessica Alba who are trying to fight the bad guys and get involved with Machette, who seems to have a way with all the ladies period. Cheech Marin as the ass kicking padre who is incidentally the brother of Machette and helps him out in a pinch. Don Johnson and Robert De Niro as the crazy Texans. All out insanity breaks out and you just love every moment, and then there is Lindsay Lohan which I try to forget! A must see movie!

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