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British Airways – Price Insanity


British Airways have been up and down for the last few years, price increases and major service outages and deterioration. I have a lot of mileage with them and whenever I chose the dates to go somehow they don’t work out and its annoying, they black out a lot of dates for different reasons. I tried to book for Eid but literally the week before and after Eid is blacked out, so I check to see how much the tickets were and it was just purely insane. Kuwait to London round trip unrestricted business class ticket was for 1340 KWD on British Airways, and an extra 400 KWD would take you to Los Angeles or San Francisco at these prices. I decided to check Emirates for the same dates and it was a lot cheaper, 842 KWD which is almost half of British Airways. I used to be a loyal flyer on British Airways but over the years they have lost me as a client, for trips in the region I stick to Wataniya and for long trips I try to fly on Emirates. A lot of people fly on British Airways for the comfort of a direct flight to London but I don’t mind the switch in Dubai, its not a really an inconvenience for me but I understand when families are flying together and its easier for them. British Airways think they can just charge ridiculous rates and get away with it, its very sad.