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Review: Bladefish 5000

Bladefish Sea Jets – Underwater Personal Propulsion Jet

The BladeFish SeaJet underwater scooter 5000 is perfect for scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming. The high tech Lithium-ion powered Bladefish looks like a jet engine and generates much more power than comparable previous generation lead acid propulsion devices, it allows for high power and long run time while only weighing about 10lbs.

Swimming in Kubbar I recently got my hands on a Bladefish which is like a small underwater jet. I wasn’t sure how much fun it was going to be, charged it up over four hours to get it to full power. This is the most powerful of its line meant for constant use and recreational scuba divers. After getting to Kubbar I plugged the charging socket as instructed, and jumped right in. When you press & hold both right and left buttons on the handles the propeller comes on and quick tap and hold and it goes even faster. That little sucker pulls you along pretty quickly and I realized that without a mask I would swallowing a lot of salt water which I did for a little while. After putting on the Goggles I went down pretty deep even though the water was a bit murky. Then it pulled me about 100 meters to the island itself and I swam around their with it, then went back to the boat. The battery lasts pretty long since different people were using it, I just wish the water was a little clearer. If you enjoy the water then this is fun and isn’t as expensive as the seabob, and there are other version for the pool if you want. I felt like a kid in water when I was getting pulled around.


  • Speed Rating: 6.0 KPH
  • Depth rating: 40 meters
  • Run Time 70-120 min.
  • Charge Time 2-4 hours

Price: $699
Link: Bladefish 5000
Link: Amazon