Fresh House in Spain

The house is located in Las Rozas, one of the wealthiest towns of Madrid. The dwelling’s plot has a surface of 1.368m2 with a light slope that A-cero has used in order to adapt the building’s three floors: basement, ground floor and first floor. The building’s surface is 762,47m2.

Now this is one very fresh house, its like a breath of fresh air when you look at it. I love looking at houses which are different and refreshing. This house has a very fresh exterior with a lovely pool out front, which looks amazing at night. I always think that to bring out the building you have to know how to subtly light it up to bring out the amazing architecture and I think they have done an amazing job with the house. I think the interior needs some more color to bring the life out even though I like white but it needs more warmth but the exterior is just amazing.

Link: FreshHome

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  1. Its fresh because of the coloring as well. Mostly cream and white hence the glow in darkness and sunlight. Very nicely done.

  2. Love the design. Yes the lighting is lovely. There is a house with similar design somewhere on the 5th ring road. More grey and white which gives a nice contrast.

  3. the pool area…! the rest of the house….the dream house!

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