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iTunes Account – Haywire


I have gotten used to iTunes for all my iPad needs and music downloads, luckily I do have a US Credit Card that I use with the account. But every once in a while the account acts up and says that my Credit Card is denied, when I call the Credit Card company they tell me nothing is going on, and everything is fine. I try again and still the same issue, I tried different cards and the same problem. Then I leave it for 24 hours and try it again, and everything works like normal. Its very strange.

There was a little news a little while ago that some accounts which have iTunes and paypal attached got fraudlent charges of ridiculous ammounts. One guy got charges up to $800’000 which is insane, but he managed to sort it out between paypal, iTunes, and his bank so he didn’t get completely screwed but it is scary. When this strange account thing started happening a few months back I changed all my passwords on all the accounts that I’m using with iTunes just incase, because I was a little freaked out. Then it just happened again so I emailed Apple about the issue with my account.

There reply was good and reaction type was great, within a few hours they told that they had some minor glitches in the system and reset my account so everything is fine. Also because of the incovenience they gave me credit for 6 free single songs which is fantastic. I would have been happy with them just fixing my account but they went above and beyond that.