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The One – Overpriced


I have gone to a few places to check out furniture over the last few months. Recently I saw a couch in The One that I wanted, when I saw it in February it was around 599 KD for the 1.5 seater which is a bit on the high side for a product made in China. I left it at that, then by May I passed by again to find it for sale at around 425 KD but I didn’t have the space to get it yet. Then I went back in the end of June to check its there and found the same couch for 265 KD, that does tell me something. Now that I can get the couch its gone, and I found something similar and its at the price of 589 KD which is again ridiculous. They do have nice stuff and I went and checked out other places but didn’t find what I want. Then I saw an office chair for 199 KD at The One that I remember seeing for 60 KD a while back, I think they would sell more if their prices are a little bit more reasonable.