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Blink Com KW

Recently I was in need of making an electronic purchase for a gift, I decided that the best option was getting in Kuwait since waiting for a delivery from Amazon would take too long. I need to get a Wifi iPad 16GB and decided to check out all the different pricing from Eureka, Xcite, and Electrozan. After calling around Xcite was the most expensive and Eureka was the cheapest, then a friend of mine told me to check out Blink and they were even cheaper but I was worried about delivery since I was traveling the next day. For delivery next day shipping to your house is free but for an extra 2.5 KD you can get it same day and in my case it was still cheaper then Eureka. They have a nice assortment of items and if you don’t feel like going to the store to pick it up Blink does offer some competitive prices. After looking at different products the cheapest pricing is between Blink and Eureka, it differs from product to product but Electrozan & Xcite are mostly on the more expensive side.

Link: Blink