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Cooling Down

Last year it didn’t get cool in Kuwait until the end of November, and now things are cooling off towards the end of October which is fantastic. I have been riding when ever I can for the past few days, and I’m certainly not getting enough and now your seeing all these riders when ever the sun is going down. As long as I am on the move I’m enjoying the cool breeze by the seaside but it gets a little warm when stopped at a light for too long. It’s been a while since I’ve ridden and I just love it when I’m on the bike.

I took my bikes to Tristar service and when they were brought back everything was perfect. I got on the BMW last week, started it up to get warmed up but when I got back there was a puddle under the bikes, turned out to be a gasoline puddle. I quickly switched off the bike and called Tristar, so the next morning they took the bike and turns out the fuel pump cracked due to the dry heat and use over the years. They replaced the unit under the “Good Will” Warranty which is fantastic since my bike has been out of warranty for two years now. As soon as I got it back I took it out for one hell of a rough ride, I tried riding calmly but I was kidding myself, I was like a kid with his new toy, flying all over the place when I could. Nothing beats riding.