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The Delivery

Whenever I get a package its like a surprise, I have an idea whats in the box but not always sure. Especially lately since I preorder a few items and this time around I have gotten some fun items. I have at last found the Transformers All Spark Cube, full metal engraving of the one from the movie, from the first transformers movie, it will prominently be sitting on my desk. The other two are books I have been looking forward to, one is the book from Simon Peg, pretty much anything from Simon Peg is worth watching or reading, he is a comic genius and I love all his movies so I have been waiting for this book. Then there is The Stig, or Ben Collins as we have come to find out, after all this time at last we know who the Stig is. There has been controversy surround this book because BBC didn’t want it released, and I don’t think he is The Stig anymore but it is still worth reading what a man who has been driving the most insane machines in the world at insane speeds and how it feels.

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