The New Macbook Air

Apple has just launched new ultra-thin Macbook Air laptops at the Back To Mac event in California. Two new Announced were a 11.6-inch Macbook Air and a 13.3-inch Macbook Air. I do enjoy when Steve Jobs talks crap about other company’s products, he said that netbooks were cheap weak powered PCs, with the launch of the iPads they took a decent hit in netbook sales and I think with the new Macbook Air it’s a nail in the coffin for Netbooks.

The new Macbook Air notebooks have been redesigned and all feature SSD drives ranging from 64GB to 256 GB which are very quiet and long lasting, they weigh almost nothing and are less an then inch thick. Both laptops maxed out with the best hardware aren’t too pricey in comparison to the other apple products, $1507 for the 11 inch and $1907 for the 13 inch.

Link: Apple

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  1. G-Funk

    I see you digging Macs now ;) ?!

  2. G-Funk: I got a surprise for you! But thats at a later point! lol

  3. the 11 inch one looks cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  4. meh

    nail in the coffin for Netbooks? Are you serious? Netbooks cost as low as $300.

  5. How to sell a netbook for 1000$ more with less space on the hard drive and better perf?
    I use my netbook when traveling to blog, watch series and store documents so why spending so much? To look Hip at the airport? :)

  6. B: Yup its nice!

    meh: $300 also has low performance, for normal tasks its good but for media it isn’t good. I have a netbook and I can’t watch HD on it but overall I think its great!

    dacize: I agree with your point but your paying for a certain amount of performance, like I said I can’t play HD movies and tv shows on a Netbook but I can do everything else! Apple is about 20-30% over priced but they do make a good product! And I have to give my hat off to them, they made a nice upgrade with the MacBook Air!

  7. I placed an order on mine yesterday hehe can’t wait for it to be shipped!

  8. Well I play HD and TV show on mine and it’s a 11.6 too so that’s why I comment… :)

  9. meh


    I’m pretty sure there are HD capable netbooks that are still cheaper than Apple.

  10. @Jacqui – I knew you would order it! hehehe

    @dacize – Your right the new ones do for sure! Mine is a bit on the old side now!

    @meh – Everything is cheaper then Apple ;)

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