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Review: iPad Griffin Standle

I think at this rate there are over 100 cases for the iPad if not 1000 but I was looking for something specific. I didn’t want a notebook or sleeve type case, I wanted something with decent side protection and a stand so that I can place on a table or couch to watch shows. When I saw the Griffin case I knew it was the perfect case for my use, I bought it while I was in the states and I have using it everywhere ever since. I can easily hold the iPad while walking around, or toss it in the car, always ready to be in use and I don’t have to worry about it with this case, it doesn’t slip off the seat while I’m driving.


  • It can stand vertically or horizontally
  • Can easily slip in a bag
  • Buttons are easily accessible
  • For $50 its an excellent product
  • Rubber pieces on the back provide traction when its flat on the table
  • The horizontal piece can be used as a handle, or a way to prop up the ipad and it has a locking mechanism to keep it up which is very useful
  • The vertical stand is very simple and stable, works great for AirDisplay and if you want to use the iPad as an extra monitor


  • No Screen Protection
  • Adds a little bulk to it

Link: Griffin