Pure Hunger

Usually I try to eat earlier in the day so that I don’t get too full at night, I try to keep it light at night as to maintain or lose weight. I did a pretty good job of losing the weight I gained going from 96 KG back to 93 KG. Last night was a different story, I got so caught up with work and then a few social events that I forgot to eat and didn’t manage to get home until 10:45 pm. At that point I didn’t care what the hell time it was and decided to eat a very late lunch. Did I love the muchboos laham and kubbah bil laban, yes I did very much, I enjoyed every bite and then laid down in front of the tv for a good half hour before deciding to move again. This rarely happens with me but last night it was a much needed meal.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Purgatory


  2. I love how you always have “multi-colored” rice, is this Kuwaiti tradition?

  3. @Purgatory – Hahahahaha! I knew you would see this!

    @vampire – Same here! I’m hungry as hell right now!

    @Sahar – Yup, sort of, we have the saffron rice on top of the normal rice, has a very nice taste to it!

    @The M Code – I will make sure to post more of them! lol

  4. nahin123

    It’s OK to have a marathon once in a while..It wont affect you a bit if you are a gym rat :)
    So dont worry about it..

  5. @nahin123 – The problem is that I am not moving enough! lol! Well not going to the gym enough at least, or not yet more like it!

  6. I can’t sleep after looking at these pictures !! Lol :P
    I so wanna go baq to Kuwait .. after looking at this, i feel like i am living in a cave here in Australia !! LOL :)
    MAchbooooossss !!! nom nom nom … heheh

  7. Laham? wain laish mo deyay? hehehe

  8. haha! looks like I’ve overtaken you in the weight loss now. As of today I’m @ 91 KG :P

    Man that La7am Machboos looks awesome as usual! :D

  9. 3awafi. Looks amazing mashallah. I’m very hungry now. A subway is not going to be enough.

  10. bil 3afya, I love Kubbah bil laban, abeee! last time I had them was eb shahar ramathan ;p

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