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Gmail MailBox Overload

Recently I got a warning from Gmail that I am reaching my mailbox limit, I never thought that I would hit the 7GB mark but it seems years of not deleting any files has resulted in a large pile up of files. I still search through old files for information and I love that I don’t have to delete, I know that I have files which are unnecessary so luckily this post was shared by a friend on GoogleReader so it was perfect timing, talking about an online application called FindBigMail which integrates with your Google Account.

The software solution works very simply, you just enter your Gmail address, even works with domains registered with Gmail apps. After you authorize FingBigMail to sort through your account, it goes through it to check for files sizes. It categorizes files bigger then 2MB, Bigger then 500 KB, Bigger then 100 KB, and small. Each one of these search factors is created as a label in your Gmail and files are sorted into automatically which makes it extremely easier to delete files with attachments that you don’t need any more. After I did that I managed to free 500 MB right away, and the rest I need to think if I want to delete them or not, I’m taking my time with them. This is the best application to help clean up your mailbox.

New Gmail Labels:

  • FindBigMail – Top 20
  • FindBigMail > 2MB
  • FindBigMail > 500 KB
  • FindBigMail > 100KB

Link: FindBigMail

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