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The Wolfpack!

I very much look forward to riding in the early mornings on Friday! Empty roads lots of bikers cool weather, it couldn’t get any better then that. I met up with Kubayashi at Starbucks Bida’a and saw a lot of familiar faces but even more bikers then the week before. There was at least 200 + bikes in Arjan that morning and even more kept pouring in as time went by, it was an amazing site, there wasn’t even much parking for people to park there cars.

We didn’t stay too long, just about 15 mins before heading out. There was the red bull flugtag and people were meeting up there. We were supposed to participate but due to technical difficulties and our pilot being out of commission we weren’t able to make the deadline. At first we were three guys riding together, but then we decided to meet up with last week’s group and they were a bunch of wild hooligans, I won’t it was a hell of a lot of fun but this time we knew what to expect.

Our first stop was Marina Mall so we headed there and waited for a few of the guys to catch up after filling up at the gas station. There were even more bikes there waiting to see the RedBull show, I felt bad for the people who were going to fall into the Marina since the water by the boats is filthy but we are off on the bikes.

We headed in the direction of Doha for a fun ride and aggressive was an understatement, we were flying. Passing lots of buses for some reason heading into Entertainment City, I didn’t even know they were open in a Friday morning. Then the guys were off again, and they took off, the VMax and the K1300R sliding a bit around the round abouts but cutting tight corners before taking off again, to say it was an adrenaline rush is not doing it justice. We were lucky of course that the roads were semi decent but I loved that ride.