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Recycling Electronics?


For the last few weeks I have been going through my stored items and electronics that I have sitting on my shelf for a while. Some of them are very useable and some I don’t think have any use at all for them. I really don’t like throwing electronics away, it feels like a complete waste when I know there is a use for them still but I don’t have a need for them. I usually cannibalize PCs so I always know what to do with the next part but with normal electronics they either sit on a shelf and gather dust or go inside my closet. Is there any place in Kuwait that genuinely recycles electronics? I would want to make sure that they go some where they really do recycle items or take care of them at least for other use. I have too many items over the past decade just sitting in the corner and I don’t use any more. I don’t have the heart to throw electronics away but I don’t want things piling up.