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Since I’m going to be in London for a little while I thought it would be best to remain connected through one of the mobile Broadband providers. I wanted to have fast internet coverage where ever I am and most of the companies offer Pay As You Go USB Sticks but not all offer Pay As You Go MicroSims for the iPad. I had five options to work with for Pay As You Go:

  • Vodafone (No iPad)
  • 3
  • O2 (No iPad)
  • Orange
  • Tmobile (No iPad)

I went to several of these companies and went to carephone warehouse to get the best deal. I also wanted to try a few of them because I might not have the best coverage at home. All of them have limited plans of 1 to 3 GB max per plan and you can top it off to increase the limit. ranging from £15 to £35 depending on the plan and type of USB stick. Out of all of them O2, Orange and Tmobile weren’t that good. Vodafone had a good plan but the coverage by my place isn’t too good but when I’m out its really good, but surprisingly the best out of the bunch for the Laptop and the iPad is 3 Network. And one other note, Mobile Broadband Internet in Kuwait is ALOT faster then the UK, but they can have the option of fiber to home but I was surprised how crappy their Mobile Broadband service in the United Kingdom.

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  1. Thanks for the review I’m heading to UK on wednesday and was thinking of which connection to get for my ipad. So the only two operators that offer mircosim pay as you go are orange and 3? and 3 is better?

    Where are you staying? I’ll be staying in Sheraton Park Tower. Wonder if MBB connection is any good in there.

  2. Kuwaity

    I think they limit the speed for the 3G network just to insure that everyone can use the service.
    We already have fiber optic network in Kuwait.

  3. @Yours Truly – Sorry I didn’t reply earlier but I’m in Regents Park Area! But I’m assuming that their service is very good all over London!

    @Jacqui – Very Cool!

    @Kuwaity – I think they have problems with Cell Sites in London as there is a lot of Old Architecture that they aren’t allowed to install certain types of Hardware! So they don’t have the best hardware or open areas to install them as we do in Kuwait!

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