BeoSound 8 iPod Dock

Bang & Olufsen always comes up with the most interesting products, this dock is aimed to be amazing in design and specifications. The BeoSound 8 docking station features two 70w active speakers, each including two amps within, and the speakers themselves can be changed to fit different colors. Mainly made for the iPod, iPhone, and even fits the iPad, it has a USB flot and an Auxiliary-In for other products. It sells in the UK for around $1500, I’m assuming it probably sells cheaper in the US.

Bang & Olufsen has made a very nice looking product which seems it can be wall mounted, but with them its always a hit or miss with their products with specifications or design. I want deny they make quality products but they are also insanely priced. You can buy two to three iPads for the price of that dock, and there are a lot of docks currently out. Overall I bet it will sound great, but its too expensive for a dock.

Link: TheDesignBlog

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  1. kuwaity

    Rolex, Rolls Royce and similarly B&O are first class and high quality products. The price reflects these things.

  2. @kuwaity – Its not always the case, there have been certain products from BO that I think were a flop! Like their mobile phones and their universal remote controls! But I think sound wise they could have things right!

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