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The New Double Decker

Nothing says London like the Double Decker buses and the black cabs, for some reason these buses and cabs only feel right in London and no where else. The taxis have gotten updates over the years and now finally they have come up with a new design which is supposed to come into the streets of London by 2012, a few at a time I think. The worst bus they ever made for London were those long extended ones, with a rubber piece in the middle, those long buses cause a lot of traffic and more annoying then they were useful. Back in 2005 they got a few of those and said they were the future of buses but thankfully they came to their senses and realized that those extended buses only cause more traffic. Now these buses got the facelift they needed and hopefully the technology as well. And the wacky guy in the suit standing in some of the pictures is the Mayor of London.

Link: Autoblog