Valentino Rossi @ Valencia with Ducati

Now its a reality with Valentino putting on the new colors for the Ducati Desmosedici. The fully carbon fibered GP11 ready for Valentino’s testing even though it went through a bit of a rough spot, he is just getting his leg around the machine and Ducati will work out the kinks. “The Doctor” has taken his usual style changed it up a bit with the black with yellow accents on the Dainese suit, with a new AGV helmet design which has a Question Mark set between the Italian’s Sun & Moon logo.

These amazing pictures from the behind the scenes photographer Gigi Soldano. Valentino Rossi’s personal photographer Soldano is privy to all those insane and quiet moments in a MotoGP paddock. The new helmet is appealing to me, if only it was available from Arai or Shoei I would snap it right up. Rossi is off to a new adventure I just hope they perfect the GP11 so its ready to be ridden this coming MotoGP season, I want to see what Rossi can do on a Ducati, I think everyone is ready to see him riding this season.

Link: Asphalt&Rubber

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  1. it will be exciting in the beginning of the season

  2. AK

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    Check this trailer out.

  3. @vampire – Very exciting!

    @AK – Thanks AK! My email is blog(at)Zdistrict(Dot)com, its also in the contact page if the form doesn’t go through, usually it goes through fine!

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