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The Han Ride

Han from Turkey was to the rescue when I need to get to Old Bond Street quickly and I couldn’t find a Taxi and walking wouldn’t be fast enough. I was about 30 minutes walk from the Old Bond Street and I knew the way but there was no way I would make it in time. I got in the back of Han’s tricycle which is the first time I get in the back of tricycle taxi in London. The guy kept talking about how much he enjoyed London, and he knew his way around town.

I negotiated the price to 10 pounds from 12 pounds but ended up giving him a 3 pound tip. Keeping in mind the guy was pushing really hard and he over took cars at any stop light we really made it there in 10 minutes. Its insane how hard it is to find cabs these days, they are always busy, it takes up to 30 minutes to find a black cab and there have been times where I just walk the distance even if it takes 45 minutes and by then it isn’t worth it to get in a cab. And I think half of the Kuwaiti population came to London during the Eid Vacation, they were everywhere.