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Wataniya Airways – Over Stretched

We are sorry to have to inform you that with effect from 5 December 2010, we will no longer operate flights from Kuwait to Amman, Bahrain, Damascus and Jeddah. In addition, we will reduce the frequency of services to Dubai.

This is a very sad day, I was honestly shocked when I heard this information about Wataniya Airlines. I thought things were picking up, they opened up the new routes in Europe and people went crazy during Eid. It just felt like things were coming together for Wataniya Airlines and I was looking forward to flying on it more then before, but turns out they were in more trouble then anyone knew. They stopped 4 destinations, planning to rent out several of their planes, shut down their call center, downsize and fire a large majority of their employees. This is just a shocking step for such an amazing airline, and I completely depend on it for my flights in the Middle East and now I have to go back to either Emirates or Jazeera. Emirates have good service but very high prices, I got used to the spacious planes of Wataniya Airlines. Jazeera are cheap but lots of delays, no flexibility, a fee charged for every little thing, and a huge fee is charged for normal changes. I was honestly very proud of Wataniya Airlines as a Kuwaiti brand but now its in trouble and I really hope they get their act back together soon so we can keep on traveling with them.