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Kuwait Won The Gulf Cup 2010!


Kuwait has won the Gulf Cup against some tough odds, our guys played well and beat out the competition. I don’t I have been this excited watching football in a long time. Our guys held out against the Saudis who were playing pretty roughly but the game was a really good game, both teams had some good shots but at the end it was a clear goal by Walid Ali to score 1-0 in the first half of extra time. When the whistle was blown I think Kuwait went into hysteria, we went out into the streets and everyone was honking, waving flags, dancing, clapping, and all kinds of fun. It just felt so good that we had something to be proud of at last, we haven’t had good news such as this in a long time that Kuwaitis just want to be happy and having fun. I don’t think there is a country in the Middle East that could have gone as crazy as we did last night, every highway, to every road, to every house was packed and celebrating insanely! Congratulations to the players who made us a very happy country! We are tired of the politics, of the constant problems, the stagnant country, and just all these stupid issues. These players have managed to unite a country in a sea of joy and we will welcome them back with open arms, thank you!