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Review: Moleskine iPad Folio

There are two things that I love taking with me when I’m traveling or even when I’m leaving the house and thats my iPad and my Moleskine, sometimes I can’t take both or the iPad is too bulky so I just end up taking my Moleskine with me. When I first heard about the case for the iPad from Moleskine I was excited, I honestly didn’t think that Moleskine would make it. I kept refreshing the Amazon page every week to check if it was available, the email notification didn’t work for me, and as soon as I saw it was already backordered, but I placed an order for two and received it after two weeks which isn’t too bad.

The Good

  • Exceptional build quality, the Leather is very nice, just what your used to from Moleskine Notebooks
  • Snug fit for the iPad, slips right in
  • Functionally great, with the note book attached. Working on your iPad and taking notes couldn’t be easier
  • When closed it looks great and professional, nice and clean
  • The notebook is replaceable, next step is different kinds of notebook replacements from the plain to the lined
  • Very reasonably priced for a case

The Bad:

  • Left handers don’t have much luck, you have to flip the notebook
  • It gets rather heavy and its really thick, more then I expected


  • You will love the Moleskine iPad Folio Cover if you miss having a notebook iPad combo
  • If you want a think case then this isn’t for you
  • If you love Moleskines then this is for you

Overall I love it, and I’m going to enjoy carrying it with me when I need to take notes and have internet access.

Link: Amazon