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Google Nexus S

The Nexus S. Built by Samsung, it’s got a 4-inch Super AMOLED “Contour Display,” 1GHz Hummingbird processor, 5MP Camera in the back and VGA camera in the front, NFC support, and most importantly, it’s running a completely clean version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread. With this device, users will also be the first to receive software upgrades and new Google mobile apps as soon as they become available. The new Google phone has 16GB of internal storage and 512MB of RAM, as well as a gyroscope and VoIP support.

I’m a huge fan of the Android platform, love the smoothness of the OS and how much you can customize your phone to your liking. I bought the first Google phone after seeing the post on UpTill1 and decided to go for it. Since I have gone to Android I haven’t thought of any other phone, when I’m connected to all of Google’s services so easily and smoothly its fantastic. They have been talking about a new Google phone but taking it through the normal route of a carrier, and this time they are signing up with T-Mobile but you can still buy an unlocked phone through Google but I’m assuming for a higher price. The specifications of the phone are just a bit better, but then its released with the infamous Gingerbread platform. Now HTC will be coming out with Dual Processor Android phones in the first quarter of 2011 so that is even worth waiting for and I’m hoping that they will be using Android 2.3 as well. The Nexus S is a good step forward, I’m thinking about it, and also thinking about waiting for HTC’s new line up as I really do like their phones.

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