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McLaren Unvieled in Kuwait

For the first time my eyes feast on a machine such as this, born from pure precision and art. I knew this was going to be a beautiful machine but I wasn’t expecting it to be this beautiful. The lines on the MP4-12C just flow perfectly and the doors open smoothly, there are no key holes or handles, only a sensor just under the door panel that senses your hand and opens up. The interior of the car is extremely comfortable for a race bred machine, and the all digital instrument panel looked amazing. I didn’t have a chance to start up the car but it felt very comfortable sitting inside.

The car will be selling in Kuwait starting at 62’000 KD up to 85’000 KD depending on the options, and it has a lot of options. The silver one looked amazing, I’m assuming the other colors look just as good. Only 1000 of them will be made and 16 have been allotted to Kuwait and half already sold before this show, I’m assuming all will be sold in the coming weeks. Delivery is expected to take place any time between June and August of 2011 for the lucky owners. Its a beautiful and unique machine, McLaren have perfected the formula of the supercar.