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MyUS – Personal Shopper Service Experience


I tend to buy a lot of things online, and recently I have purchased items which aren’t readily available on Amazon or Ebay and the website has issues with a billing address which is different then a shipping address. When that is the case I have reverted to MyUS Personal Shopping Service a few times now. Sometimes they have been the best option and the best service to go with it.

I have done several orders with them, some normal value and some very high value and they have been excellent in handling complex orders such as custom computer gaming machines to ordering furniture. I wanted to get some items and I wasn’t able to personally order them so they were able to do order it for me.

Keep in mind that they charge a flat 6% fee on the final amount be it large or small. I think it is an acceptable fee because of the quality of their service when going through the process and their feedback.

Before The Order:

  • They send you an email verifying your order before making it
  • They clearly show you all the details and all the different options you have to ordering the product
  • You can write all the customizations you want in the note box

After The Order:

  • You get notification that you have been charged for the amount once the order goes through
  • They get back to you with details of the order, and they reply quickly to your questions
  • Once the order is received in your mailbox you are notified like always and they take multiple pictures which is fantastic
  • They quickly ship it out and you get your order

Overall a very smooth service and highly recommend if you are looking for highquality service, and its worth since sometimes I order heavy items and turns out to be cheaper to get it from the US then it is to buy it locally.

Link: MyUS