Galacia House Spain

The interior solution follows a functional space distribution, coinciding with the blocks’ intersections, over 3 floors. The different levels are connected by a series of flights of stairs, located on a fixed part of the building and ending on a beautiful glass floor corridor that connects with the upper level.

With 2000 square meters to work with A-Cero have design a modern marvel with this piece of architecture. The blocks forming and design making a very formidable building, but it still feels very fresh and open. With two master suites featuring their own walk-in closets and bathrooms, a gym, kitchen, solarium, an imposing living area, and a amazing terrace. Based on the design and materials of the house it looks to be built from expensive materials, then you could see the Beolab 5 Speakers sitting in the living room adding to the decoration and costing well over $15’000, so I’m assuming everything else is on the same level of quality and price.

Link: FresHome

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  1. Agonized Vamp

    Its looks like the Cullen’s house in the Twilight Saga..maybe juz a lil
    Bs over all its amazin’ *__*

  2. The arcitechure of the house is impressive…but whenever I see places furnished in this way, I can’t help but think “who would want such a home that seems so cold and sterile”.

    Some may believe that comfort, coziness and warmth comes at the expense of aesthetics but I don’t buy it. I’m sure there is a way of having furniture you enjoy while maintaining the sleek look inherent in the building’s architecture.

  3. Agonized Vamp

    Yeah, ya totally got a point
    And I think in twilight they proved ur pov, I mean since they’re vampires and they didn’t use the house much, it was juz 4 show so whoever gonna buy a house like this gonna buy it juz 2 show it off -_-
    And what ’bout rainy and windy days? Those open areas won’t help at all
    Bs the poll..its amazin’~~

  4. il pazzo

    now that’s what i call a house, amazing vision and brilliant architecture … enough said

  5. laziale

    I love those modern houses , but this one is so cold ! its more like an art gallery than a cozy HOME ! But i can take lots of great ideas like lighting etc .

  6. I love simple gardens next to grand houses, but next to a simple (modern) house the garden needs to be much more imaginative. I suppose it’s a perfect blank canvas. Nice property.

  7. It’s a bit of an eye opener, I must congratulate the architect.I sell old stone houses so the contrast is tremendous.

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