Aviator Wing Desk

This is the definition of 50s sexy, I love this desk and how retro it looks, it was inspired by the bent wing of a plane. I have always been interested in furniture made out of airplane parts, and this desk is an amazing piece. Built from a hardwood frame surrounded by polished aluminum patchwork, the uncommon desk has a genuine, surprising metal exterior with exposed screws. I really love it, it would be the perfect desk to that unique room, and for $2000 it isn’t bad at all, the chair is called the spitfire (based on the british fighter plane) and it costs $995. What an amazing job by Restoration Hardware.

Link: FresHomes

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  1. So why don’t you get it?

  2. Thank you for the mention. Really appreciate it. :)

  3. NM

    Some people are just creative. MashAlah i wish i cud study on that?! :)

  4. Mustafa

    mowjod bel raya fog A2Z chena

  5. I saw it last month at Bloomingdales in Dubai – loved it! Although the people I was with thought I was being tacky! Good to see others who appreciated it :)

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