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Queuing @ MoJ


Getting in a queue is a simple process but getting things done in the ministry is a bit of jungle when you don’t know where to go. I had to sign a couple of documents and have them verified, it seems like a simple two step process but I ended up going to about 6 different people. In the begging I took a number and sat on bench until my number came up on the LED Screen only to notice that it wasn’t really changing. When I spoke to the guy he told me that the queuing system wasn’t working correctly so they had to shut it, and the lady at the window would only see you if your number was called, so if your number wasn’t called then you can’t see the any of the staff to have your papers done. So basically they had a nice break for the rest of the day if it wasn’t fixed, one guy started shouting to get his worked done after waiting for 20 mins. I went to one lady since she was a bit older and looked somewhat normal compared to some of the women there, and asked her nicely since I had to go back to work and couldn’t back again this week. She decided to help me since what I needed to have done would only take 15 minutes of her time. And a lot of people were getting worked up, and by the time I left it turns out that somebody just unplugged the counting system so that the numbers won’t keep iterating throughout the day. The usual chaotic visit at any ministry complex.

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